My clients are faced with a great variety of challenges. The following is a selection of typical issues that my clients come to me with to help them resolve.

Manager who understands technology
urgently needed

»Our business unit manager is unable to work for the foreseeable future. It is a bad time for this to happen since we are in the middle of a very important project that requires a high level of commitment from both the business and IT. A technical project manager is in place but needs an experienced manager by his side to back him up.«

The organizational structure proved to be ineffective – a reorganization is unavoidable

»Our current organizational structure has proven to be both ineffective and much too costly. Many departments all over the world do the same type of work but operate totally differently. There are no uniform standard processes. What we need is an internationally experienced manager to restructure the individual departments and to derive cost savings.«

Processes must be improved and employees
must be managed confidently

»The order books are full and all employees are working at their maximum capacity. However, our customers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied since there seems to be no time left for service or customer care. That situation needs to be turned around immediately. Above all, the supporting IT-systems and IT-service management processes have to be adapted. Many employees view this with a lot of skepticism. We are desperately looking for an experienced professional to quickly develop a suitable concept and who is able to lead the employees through a time of change by inspiring them to get their buy-in.«

The challenge: all departments have to join forces
to initiate a turnaround

»We have been the market leader for years but the competition is catching up. We will not be able to defend our position for much longer. We have to become more innovative and must strategically reposition ourselves in the market place. A critical issue is to analyze IT strategy and to align it with the requirements of the business.«

Looking for an experienced expert in international project management

»Our prestigious project is threatening to fail since, as a result of numerous changes in requirements, we will be unable to observe the agreed completion date. Subsidiaries abroad will be equally affected. We are searching for a manager who can realign and refocus the intercultural teams and thus achieve set goals within the given time frame.«

IT and business departments must work together and not against each other and they must communicate effectively

»The starting date for an important project has been postponed several times because the IT department is demanding exact specifications from the business before being able to give an estimate as to time and cost. The business however maintains that it first needs to know what is feasible, before investing time and effort into determining the specifications. The result is paralysis, stymied efforts and each side refusing to take responsibility for the current situation. A facilitator is needed who understands both sides and is able to end the stalemate.«

What we are looking for:  a manager who understands technology and is able to see the big picture

»For months, we have been unable to clearly determine system specifications for various IT projects. This results in the projects requiring more time, escalating costs and increasing frustration levels in the business. What can we do to finally make the IT department think in terms of business processes and results? And what needs to be done in order to get the business to work closer together with IT to develop common solutions?«