By interfacing between the business and IT, I make sure there is total clarity and understanding to align your organization to achieve its goals.



All of my customers wish they could operate in an ideal world in which IT smoothly implements whatever the business needs to achieve their ambitious goals. However, in the real world, this is particularly difficult. In my role as interim manager, my main focus is on interfacing between the business and your IT department. I will make sure they completely understand each other and are in total agreement as to what can be achieved in which time frame. Finally, I ensure that the project will be implemented on time, according to specifications and without any glitches.

I am able to support my customers in various roles. This could be as a business unit manager leading change, establishing new teams or as agile coach. My approach is to analyze established organizational structures and processes and to look at situations from a different perspective.

Why have I adopted such an approach? Because I believe that first of all, your exact requirements have to be determined and the assignment precisely scoped. Then, to determine what kind of support you need in overall management, at the interface between the business and technology, in structuring the organization or in professional services. Even in challenging times, you can count on me to manage all processes confidently, calmly and reliably, building employee commitment while remaining strictly focused on the goals we want to achieve together.

Dietmar Ohn

Client Issues

My clients are faced with a great variety of challenges. The following is a selection of typical issues that my clients come to me with to help them resolve.

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Dietmar Ohn

Born in 1965
Graduate in Business Management
Interim Executive (EBS)
Agile Coach
Certified Mediator (MediationsG)